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Start clean, look clean, feel clean with ECOlogic’s customized maintenance plans

Cleaning and maintaining the flooring in your office, including carpets and other surfaces, on a routine basis reduces the risk of health problems caused by bacteria, fungi, and dust mites, which contribute to harmful indoor air quality (IAQ). Not only will your office look clean and polished, but your staff will take fewer sick days and experience fewer headaches and upper respiratory infections.

Floors take a beating, especially in high traffic areas. Our innovative dry-polymer based carpet cleaning technology bypasses moisture, safely removing dirt, bacteria and mold with minimal drying time. Our method cleans and protects the individual fibers, even extending the life of your carpet.

In addition to carpet, we use state-of-the-art equipment and certified technicians to clean, maintain, restore, and refinish hard surface flooring such as natural stone, terrazzo, tile, concrete, LVT, VCT, and other specialty flooring types.

You may take for granted that your office cubicles and wall panels are clean, but look closely and you will realize they take a great deal of abuse. From coffee splatters to shoe marks, these surfaces should be maintained along with your floors. As part of your customized care plan, ECOlogic can maintain their appearance with high-energy micro-application tools which extract embedded soils that conventional methods leave in the fabric. This removes dirt and germs while prolonging the life of your upholstery and panels.

With regular care and maintenance, your flooring, furniture, and cubicles will provide many years of superior performance and satisfaction. We have properly trained staff members to service all types of surfaces and we customize maintenance plans based on the condition and usage of your space. A walkthrough with one of our account managers will help define the high traffic, conference room and office/cube areas in your office that need attention. Lots of stains? Narrow corridors? We can customize the plan based on your needs.

Our clients also enjoy free access to our proprietary envVisual software, allowing service technicians, building managers, and property managers to collaborate on issues so that we may continuously provide exceptional service.

To learn more about a maintenance plan designed to reflect the needs and use conditions in your facility, contact ECOlogic at 617-666-4000 and ask for Georgiana or email [email protected].